Iron golem mobs are designed as a sort of "tank" with full iron enchanted armor, with ff, protection, blast pro, projectile protection, and thorns 1 on the chestplate. It has a poppy enchanted with sharpness 1, which deals very little damage, sometimes dealing less then half a heart to full iron armored humans. It also has a permanent slowness effect.


The Iron Golem

Play Tactics

The iron golem was designed to tank into human assaults. Tks, arrows, and grenades are very weak against this, with fully drawn bows dealing little damage, and the slowness effect makes sticky grenades useless. It is not recommend to chase humans, with the slowness, however you can still catch up them if you take the right routes. Use this class to tank projectiles and lead hordes, soaking up damage until the horde can overrun spots.

Counter Tactics

Despite the armor, the iron golem does not take much longer to kill then normal zombies with melee. Never use projectiles against it, nor waste tks on it. It deals very low damage, and is often low priority. It has a large hitbox, and is easy to pvp against in that aspect.


  • Bane of: Tankers, Groups
  • Hitbox: Very Large
  • Armor: Strong