Mystery chests may be purchased for 100 cookies in the /shop or by using /shop buy 6. They can only be bought during a game, not during the lobby phase.

They may contain any of the following items:

  • a cake
  • 2 porkchops
  • a golden apple
  • a wooden sword with Fire Aspect I
  • a Power I bow and 10 arrows
  • a Punch II bow and 10 arrows
  • 3 fire grenades
  • 2 frag grenades
  • 3 flash grenades
  • 3 sticky grenades
  • 1000 cookies 


Prior to mid-June 2013, mystery chests cost 200 cookies. They were also often purchased before and used after prestiging, in order to hopefully have a few thousand cookies upon returning to rank 1. This was patched so that you can only prestige within the lobby, now most players save voting tokens while they are commander and redeem them after prestiging.